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Domain Name Club: How It Works

Welcome to the Domain Name Club, a groundbreaking initiative designed to transform the way we approach domain investing. In the evolving landscape of digital assets, domain names stand out as pivotal elements of online identity and business success. The Domain Name Club has emerged as a vital platform for investors and enthusiasts looking to navigate this space efficiently. At its core, the Domain Name Club is designed to reduce the barriers to entry for investors and create a collaborative environment for its members. Let’s dive deeper into how the Domain Name Club operates, making domain investing accessible, democratic, and profitable for its members.

We encourage our new members to view the Domain Name Club as both an experience platform and an alternative investment. Dive into domain investing on your own, calculate your inputs, and then, three years down the line, compare your journey with that of the Domain Name Club.

The Genesis of Domain Name Club

Born from the idea that there’s strength in numbers, this club is all about simplifying domain investing, making it accessible, and more importantly, profitable for everyone involved. Recognizing the challenges individual investors face, such as high costs and intense competition, the Domain Name Club introduces a model that leverages collective action. With CrowdDomains contributing and maintaining at least a 30% fractional ownership, the club aligns its financial interests with those of its members, ensuring that everyone’s rowing in the same direction, financially and strategically.

How It Works: A Step-by-Step Journey

Step 1: Join and Wait for the Magic
After joining a session of the Domain Name Club, there might be a waiting period of up to two months. During this time, we’re not just sitting idle. CrowdDomains will be busy handpicking 50 expired domains with high potential based on their top-level domain (TLD) availability, trending keywords, and industry relevance. Our goal? To find domains that are not only valuable but have the potential for a significant return on investment over an average five-year selling period.

Step 2: Get Access to a Shared Dynadot Account
Once the domains are secured, you’ll gain access to a shared account on Dynadot, a reputable domain registrar. This account comes with certain restrictions: You are not allowed to change the DNS, and you only have the ability to renew domains. But don’t worry, the renewal is on us. This account is more about oversight and observing the sales journey of the domains. At the heart of the Domain Name Club’s operations is the use of a Dynadot Shared Account, which fosters transparency and ease of management.

Step 3: Selling and Holding
The real excitement begins when we list the domains for sale on platforms like GoDaddy. The plan is to hold these domains for three years, during which we’ll keep you updated on sales progress and other relevant developments. After three years, we’ll consult with our members on whether to renew the domains. The second time, too, is $50 for a 10-year renewal, making renewal no longer a pain.

Payout Model: Understanding Your Potential Earnings

The real excitement begins when we list the domains for sale on platforms like GoDaddy. The plan is to hold these domains for three years, during which we’ll keep you updated on sales progress and other relevant developments. After three years, we’ll consult with our members on whether to renew the domains. $50 for 10 year,renew is no more a pain.

Club Structure

  1. Membership Capacity: The Domain Name Club caps its membership at 70 per session, with each session lasting about 2 months,dedicated to securing profitable domains.
  2. Investment Model: The club covers backorder fees (Namejet $79,Dropcatch $59) and three-year renewal fees for 50 domains. This approach significantly reduces individual costs, making domain investing more accessible to a broader range of investors.
  3. Fractional Ownership: Members are afforded a 1% fractional share per domain, aligning with the club’s installment-based operation. Members can own up to 20% in fractional shares, which amounts to 20 times the membership fee, enhancing their stake and potential returns from the club’s activities.

Investment Strategy

The Domain Name Club’s strategy revolves around selecting two-word expired domains based on top-level domain (TLD) availability, trending keywords, and industry trends. With an aim for an average domain sale period of five years, the club positions itself for both short-term recoveries and long-term gains. Remarkably, even in economic downturns, selling just two domains within three years almost can recoup the initial investment, with four domains potentially doubling it.

Membership Fees

An initial membership fee of $50 covers the acquisition and three-year renewal of 50 domains, providing a cost-effective entry point into the domain investing world. After three years, we will consult with members on whether to renew, with a subsequent renewal fee of $50 applicable for a 10-year term.

Who Should Join?

The Domain Name Club is particularly suited for:

  1. Beginners: Those new to domain investing looking for a low-risk entry point will find the Domain Name Club an ideal platform to experience, invest, and grow.
  2. Risk-Averse Investors: Individuals seeking to mitigate risks and costs, especially in the face of rising backordering expenses and uncertain economic climates, will benefit from the club’s collaborative model.

Benefits of Membership

Joining the Domain Name Club offers a plethora of advantages:

  • Affordable Entry: The club’s structure makes domain investing accessible by significantly reducing individual costs. What sets the Domain Name Club apart is its group buying model, offering access to premium domains without breaking the bank.
  • Shared Risks and Profits: By pooling resources, members share both the risks and the potential profits, fostering a supportive investment environment.
  • Learning Curve: The club accelerates the learning process for newcomers, reducing the trial-and-error phase in domain trading.
  • Cost Efficiency: Collaborative buying reduces individual expenses, making premium domains more accessible.
  • Patience Experience: Members gain hands-on long-term experience in managing domains, developing essential patience for buying and selling, and learning from successful sales strategies.

Democratic Pricing

In the Domain Name Club, pricing is a democratic process. While the default pricing for a domain might be set at $2888, the club actively adjusts the pricing for 50 domains based on member suggestions, ensuring that the final sale price never falls below the preset value. This approach maintains fair value for all domains and aligns with the club’s collaborative ethos.

Our Vision: From Humble Beginnings to Grand Ambitions

it’s about pioneering a new way of experiencing the digital world. Starting with modest domain names, we dream big, aiming to eventually venture into the realm of owning premium three-letter .coms and even the elusive two-letter .coms. CrowdDomains already holds valuable three-letter .coms, each with a market value soaring into the tens of thousands. This high-stakes domain game isn’t typically where beginners start, but with Domain Name Club, it’s where you could potentially end up.

Exciting Plans on the Horizon

We’re thrilled to introduce two new projects: “Domain Name Club for Auctions” and “Domain Name Club for .AI.” These initiatives are designed to open up new avenues for our members, from the thrilling world of domain auctions to the cutting-edge domain of AI-related domains.

Join Now

So, are you ready to embark on this digital adventure with us? Join the Domain Name Club today and start your journey towards becoming a savvy digital landlord. Together, let’s explore the endless possibilities that the digital realm has to offer.

We recommend consulting [email protected] before completing your membership purchase.