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Description is a powerful, one-word domain that evokes images of a deep wellspring of knowledge, facts and insight. It is the perfect name for an online portal that provides access to data, analytics and reference material. Companies that are modernizing the way people access and consume data, such as search engine portals, data mining services and analytics platforms, can capitalize on the potential of this domain name.

The name also carries a sense of authority, trustworthiness and reliability; making it an attractive option for companies that specialize in creating and delivering data-backed products and services. Businesses such as scientific research networks, online libraries, online universities and information brokers will find to be a favorable choice.

The fact that is a one-word domain is an especially strong point. It is memorable, easy to spell, and carries weight in its meaning. It is a great investment for any startup that is focused on data, analytics, and knowledge.

Key Signals:

Registered in 264 TLDs
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Root word STR for Information: 6.2%

Possible Industries:


Specific Use Case Ideas:

Social Networking
Online Shopping Platforms
Online Education Platforms
Online Content Marketplace
Search Engine
Online Video Streaming Platforms