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Description is a powerful 5 letter, 1 syllable domain name that carries with it a myriad of meanings, emotions and metaphors.

The “FM” in could stand for frequency modulation – a system of radio broadcasting by means of frequency modulation. It suggests a business that is constantly on the move, always innovating and pushing the boundaries.

Finally, the “ing” could stand for innovative, implying a business that is continuously creating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

This short, 5 letter, 1 syllable domain is a great fit for startups in the tech, media, or entertainment industries. It is also a great fit for FM businesses

By combining a powerful, emotive name with a short, memorable domain, offers businesses a unique opportunity to create a memorable brand identity that stands out from the crowd.

Key Signals:

Short (5) Letters
Registered in 8 TLDs
Aged Domain (9 Years)
1 Syllable
$2,000 sold at Godaddy before

Possible Industries: