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1%-15% commission is a powerful, memorable, and impactful domain name that is perfect for any business looking to make a statement. The short 8 letter, 2 syllable name is easy to remember, making it an ideal fit for any startup or established business. The name sends a powerful message of success, growth and achieving deals. The ending ‘-deals’ conveys the idea that this is a place where you can find deals, discounts and offers. is highly suitable for any business in the ecommerce industry or any start-up looking to make an impact. It could be used for an online discount marketplace, a daily deals website, a coupon site, a bargain shop and more. The name speaks of success and is an ideal choice for any business looking to make a statement in the industry. conjures up images of savings and discounts in the minds of the customer, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation. The name has a professional yet playful feel to it, resonating with customers of all ages. It’s short and snappy, making it easy to remember and easy to type, making it a great choice for any business looking to make an impact.

Key Signals:

Short (8) Letters
Aged Domain (16 Years)
2 Syllables

Possible Industries:

Saving money on everyday purchases
Finding discounted tickets and travel packages
Finding deals on clothing and accessories
Searching for discounts on electronics
Comparing prices on home goods

Specific Use Case Ideas:

Online Grocery Deals
Daily Deals
Marketplace Online
Marketplace for Home
Improvement Products
Online Deals
Marketplace for Electronics
Online Deals
Marketplace for Clothing and Accessories

Sell Through Rate:

Names based upon Root Word “You”