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5 reasons to invest in premium domains

\”That took us 10 years to buy that domain。That cost us like, $10 million.\”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Third Row Tesla Podcast in Youtube

Highest class of digital assets

Five reasons to invest in premium domain names

     It took longer for Elon Musk to get the premium domain name than it took to design, build and sell its first EV.
    Elon Musk said that how it took about a decade to finally get the premium domain name in Youtube.In fact,Elon Musk already have, but he still want the best digital asset in the internet,the true digital real estate
   It actually cost $11 million, and took an amazing amount of effort to acquire this highest class of digital asset.

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    Capital appreciation

    Premium domains appreciate in value.

  • 02

    Strong Brand Recall

    Premium domain names make excellent brands.

  • 03

    Easy to sell

    Premium domain names leverage liquidity.

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    Premium domain names help build the trust.

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    Premium domain names can often deliver huge returns on investment.