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Description is a two-syllable, one-word domain that is sure to be a powerful asset for any start-up related to plumbing. The word ‘plumb’ is derived from an old Norse verb meaning to measure, and the addition of the ‘-ings’ suffix suggests a certain dynamism and action. This simple, straightforward name speaks to the energy and workmanship associated with the plumbing trade. The shortness of the domain speaks to efficiency and easy recall.

A plumber is someone who skillfully works with pipes, using strength and smarts to create a functioning plumbing system, and that’s the image to be conjured up by The name suggests a company that is professional and capable, going beyond the call of duty to provide solutions and get the job done right. Start-ups in need of a plumbing-related domain, from residential and commercial plumbers to pipe and drain cleaning services, can benefit from the resonance of the name It’s the perfect domain for any plumbing-related business to make an impression and stand out from the competition.


  • 13 Extensions Registered
  • Short (9) Letters
  • 2 Syllables

Possible Industries:
Finding a Plumbing Contractor
Researching Plumbing Supplies
Accessing Plumbing Tips and Advice
Learning about Plumbing Techniques

Specific Use Case Ideas:
Plumbing Service Marketplace
Plumbing Supply Marketplace
Plumbing Diagnostic App
Plumbing Scheduling App