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How to Find High Quality Expired Domains at CrowdDomains

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CrowdDomains adds 500,000.00 domains daily from different sources such as GoDaddy, SnapNames/NameJet and Dropcatch. It can be difficult to distinguish the good domains from the low quality and scammy ones. Here is a quick tutorial to help you find high quality expired domains and setup the right parameters:

Domain Authority

Set minimum DA to 30 and then click the confirm button. Set the Domain Authority slide to show all domains with DA from 30 to 100

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Moz created Domain Authority (DA), a score that predicts a website’s likelihood of ranking in search engine result pages. Domain Authority scores can range from 1 to 100. Higher scores indicate greater ranking chances.Domain Authority is calculated using data from the Link Explorer web index. It uses many factors in its calculations. Domain Authority uses a machine-learning model to predictably find the “best fit” algorithm. This algorithm correlates our link data to rankings across thousands upon thousands of search results. We use these standards as scale points.

Check Results

Check all the metrics.If any of them seem too low it may be that domain is a scam and you should skip it.It is always a good idea check the Moz Domain Authority. Low DA could mean you have to manually verify the backlinks to the domain in order to determine why.You can use other filters to reduce the number of results.Once you have a list of domains, additional filters can be used to reduce the number. For example,Registration date,Page Authority and Website history.You can set a price lower than a specified value. You can click on the ADD icon next to a domain you are interested in to add it to your watchlist. Or click the domain name to be taken directly to the correct website.

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