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All-in-one Domain Name Service From CrowdDomains

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Crowd Domains is an all-in-one domain name service that helps serious investors easily buy expired, cheap, and brandable domain names.

Traditionally, it was very difficult to buy various domains because of how fractured the market was. In fact, it was normal to have to visit multiple websites and maybe even complete hours of research before buying a domain.

Crowd Domains turns that old and messy process upside down by providing a convenient go-to hub for all your domain investing needs.

On top of that, domain investing used to be relegated to the wealthier among us, but with Crowd Domains, it is possible to participate in fractional digital real estate investing.

In other words, just like you can invest in individual stocks which represent a “unit” of a company, you can invest in units of a domain. This allows both low and high-net-worth individuals to invest in premium stocks by simply buying a small or large portion of that domain.

Top 5 Services that Crowd Domains Offer

There are five main services that Crowd Domains offer that sets them apart from any other digital investing group.

1. Expired Domain Auctions

For one, they offer expired domain auctions that integrate 3rd party APIs (application programming interfaces) with most platforms such as Snapnames, Nameget, Dropcatch, Hexonet, Epik, and more.

Put simply, Crowd Domains offers a combination of expired domains that can be found on just about every other platform. Because of that, they provide a comprehensive one-stop shop for buying expired domains at auction.

This makes finding an auction for expired domains simple as you can just use Crowd Domains auctions.

2. Comprehensive Domain-Buying Experience

The domain investing market can be very hot depending on which domains you want to get. That is why some domain-investing platforms out there are inadequate for those wanting to take domain investing seriously.

To solve this problem, Crowd Domains offers backorder services. A backorder service allows the investor to register for a domain that is about to expire.

This is an especially useful service for those wanting a domain that may be quickly “picked up” by another once it drops up on the market. A backorder will notify the domain registrator to buy the domain when it drops.

On top of that, Crowd Domains also offers a daily pending delete domain list. This list will show which domains are set to expire and will soon be available on the market.

Lastly, Crowd Domains provides info on all the domains so that you can better determine if investing in a certain domain is the right choice for you.

3. Naming Platform for Companies and Brands

No domain investing platform is complete without naming services. Oftentimes, businesses and brands will invest in a domain name that will benefit their own business the most.

Because the “digital universe” is only becoming more and more relevant to businesses, a good domain name is critical as it is essentially the “face” or “gateway” to their digital storefront.

As a result, it is important to be able to know what domain names are available to find or “create” one that will work best for your business.

From SEO-based domain names that will help drive organic traffic to your website to more “brandable” domain names that are unique to your business, Crowd Domains provides everything you need to find the best domain name for your business.

4. Domain Marketplace Focused on Fixed-Price-Only Domains

If you have dabbled in the domain investing business, then you have also probably spent hours trying to understand the market demand for a domain and its resulting fair price range.

This is not only a time-wasting process, but it is also very complicated and prone to errors. Because of that, Crowd Domains focuses on providing a marketplace with just fixed-price domains.

Fixed-price domains are domains that are sold at a fair market fixed price. In other words, there is no longer a need to spend hours trying to find the fair market price for a domain as Crowd Domains already offers a marketplace full of such domains that are offered at a fair and fixed price.

5. Domain Name Consulting

When investing in anything, it is always best to first consult with a professional. The fact of the matter is that we don’t have the time to become experts in every facet of our lives. But, thankfully, we don’t have to.

In this case, by consulting with a Crowd Domains expert, you can more confidently make better investments and grow a respectable portfolio of domains.

We help at every step

All-in-one Domain Name Service

All in all, Crowd Domains’ innovative and competitive services allow both serious and beginner digital investors to invest in domain names while also providing a comprehensive set of resources to make domain name investing quick, easy, and affordable.