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GoDaddy Appraisal: What It Is and How Accurate It Is

GoDaddy appraisal is a tool used to estimate the market value of domain names.It is a great tool for those who are interested in buying, selling, or are just curious about the value of their domain name. It is an important tool for domain investors, as it helps them get an idea of how much their domain may be worth.Many people wonder just how accurate GoDaddy appraisal is and how reliable it can be.

What is GoDaddy Appraisal #

GoDaddy appraisal is a service provided by the most popular domain name registrar, GoDaddy. This service provides an estimate of the current market value of a given domain name.

The GoDaddy appraisal tool considers a variety of factors when calculating a domain’s estimated value. These include the domain name’s length, keywords, availability in other extensions, the cost to acquire similar domains, and the total cost to purchase a comparable domain in the market. The tool also takes into data such as previous sales of similar domains and TLD sales associated with the domain name.

GoDaddy appraisals can be a valuable resource for individuals or businesses who want to determine the fair market value of a particular domain name or get an estimate of what it might be worth in the future. It can also help users determine whether or not a domain name is currently undervalued, enabling them to make an informed decision about potential investments.

How accurate is Godaddy domain appraisal #

GoDaddy domain appraisal is an automated system that provides estimates on the value of domain names.If you give the four domain names whose valuations are $1000, $2000, $3000, and $5000 to any domainer, they often agree that the $5000 name has the most value.

The accuracy of GoDaddy Appraisals is largely dependent on the information provided and the complexity of the domain name in question. In general, GoDaddy’s appraisal offers a good starting point to estimate the value of a domain, but it should not be taken as gospel.

The accuracy of GoDaddy’s appraisals is influenced by a number of factors. The appraisals are based on the sales of similar domains, so any recent sales or market trends could affect the estimated value. It always undervalue the domains for newest tech trends like Ai. The accuracy is also affected by the wholesale pricing of the domain name from the trade betweet domainers. All of these factors can contribute to differences between GoDaddy’s appraisal and the actual value of a domain.

In summary, while GoDaddy’s appraisal offers a useful starting point to gauge the value of a domain, it should not be taken as the definitive truth. It’s important to keep in mind that any estimate generated by GoDaddy’s appraisal is just that: an estimate. To get a more accurate assessment of your domain’s worth, you may want to consider using other methods, such as talking with an experienced domain broker or doing your own market research.

The factors that GoDaddy appraisal doesn’t consider #

  1. TLD: It is not accurate for all non-dot-com domains. GoDaddy appraisal will handle any extension, but they do not seem to give proper attention to the match across the dot.
  2. Year of sale: The GoDaddy valuation doesn’t include the year of sale, which is important for figuring out a domain name’s usefulness and value.
  3. Brand choices: When figuring out how much a domain name is worth, GoDaddy doesn’t take into account the choices and trends in brands right now.
  4. Google search: When valuing a domain name, GoDaddy does not take into account changes to the way Google searches.
  5. While it does provide a range of estimated values, it may be too broad, resulting in overvaluing or undervaluing the domain. For example, for a million-dollar-value domain and a $30,000-dollar-value domain,Godaddy will give the same valuation of “above $25,000 value”.
  6. GoDaddy may not consider factors that can affect the true value of a domain, such as Google’s blacklist, previous ownership history, or even current web traffic.

How to use the GoDaddy Appraisal #

To get a free and easy GoDaddy Appraisal, just type in the name and click “GOVALUE”. You also can use the GoDaddy bulk appraisal from CrowdDomains,which uses the API. It contains a remark about the worth of each phrase in a domain name that contains numerous words in addition to offering a suggestion for domain name valuation.  If you do many valuations quickly, they appear to have a limit, but if you reload the page, they allow you to perform more. You can use this URL: and plus your domain in an incognito browser and skip the limits.

A growing number of End-users check the GoDaddy Appraisal values before making a purchase. This can be a good thing if your price is lower than or close to the valuation, but it can be difficult if your price is much higher.

The biggest lie in the domainer’s world #

For starters, it is free of charge, so it doesn’t hurt to give it a try to get an initial idea of what the domain may be worth. However,some domainers tell you not to use the GoDaddy appraisal, and many newbies trust this misinformation. It is not true. If you are focused on a brandable domain name, then you can ignore the GoDaddy appraisal. If you want to follow the big players with keyword domains,then GoDaddy Appraisal is a must-have for newbies. The fact is that many people in the domain forum want to buy other people’s domains for only 10% of their GoDaddy appraisal value. If someone tells you not to use the GoDaddy appraisal,then you should ask him whether he is willing to sell the above-$5000 domain for 10% of the GoDaddy appraisal value. You can also compare the end-of-auction price and GoDaddy Appraisal price in Godaddy auctions. 

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