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What is a brandable domain name

The brandable domain name has to be appealing to people to be brand-able, not just a random string of characters or a word people don’t like. They typically don’t have an existing end user and can be acquired for a lesser cost than other types while yielding a high return on investment (ROI). Brandable domains are great investments as they can be used by startups to name their company, product, or service. With the rise of the internet, more businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for unique, catchy, and brandable domain names. An effective way to create brandable domains is to use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find popular search terms related to the target industry and then combine those words into something catchy. For example, if your target industry is sports apparel, you could combine the words “sport” and “fit” into something like “SportFit.” This will make it easier for people to remember your brand when searching online. Not only does this increase website traffic, but it also increases brand recognition, which in turn leads to higher sales.

Three main categories of brandable domains exist:

  • Add a Generic word
  • Typo domain
  • Short for a niche keyword

Generic Brandable domain #

Generic Brandable domain names are domain names that are conjoined keywords or phrases—business niche keywords combined with an adjective, noun, or verb. Examples:

  • happymoney(adjective, noun)
  • webmoney(adjective, noun)
  • GetMoney(verb, noun) 

An adjective or a verb comes before a noun. Therefore, you can start with the noun basis, which in this case would be The mining task then starts. How many distinct ways are there to classify or describe money? There are at least hundreds of them.

Each word in the dictionary can be used in this way. You should concentrate on “commercial” domains first. Verbs are also excellent. A verb domain would be Then, you may use an adjective or a noun to characterize various transport methods.

Typo domain #

You can check this domain wiki What is a typo domain name

Short for a niche keyword #

Having a foundation keyword to work makes starting much simpler.These brandables are, in my opinion, the simplest to use when starting out. You should aim to concentrate on evergreen, trending, or popular niches as well as suitable prefixes or suffixes that go well with the niche term.Examples:

  • (Fintech short for Financial technology)
  • (Defi short for Decentralized finance)
  • Seo domain (Seo short for Search Engine Optimization)

Advice #

Despite the potential for high returns, there are some disadvantages to investing in brandable domains. The most significant is the extremely low likelihood of being able to outboundly sell your domain name and the length of time it may take to do so. Also, the sell-through rate is typically low, meaning you might have to purchase multiple domain names before you make a sale. Additionally, brandable domains are typically the domain of choice for those starting out with a small amount of capital. For example, if you’re only starting domain investing with $100 in capital, then either brandables or GEOs are your choice of investment. Typically, you should try to acquire brandable domains for 50 times less than what you expect to sell them for. This is because the sell-through rate is typically 1–2%. The sweet spot for most brandables is the low four-figure range. Of course, there are five-figure brandable sales, but they are less common.

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