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What are the meaning of gTLD,ccTLD and nTLD

Top Level Domain (TLD) refers to the last part of a domain that follows the dot in the URL of a website. The “.com” in “” is the TLD. 

Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) #

Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is a type of domain extension used for creating website addresses and email addresses. As of 2023, there were more than 1500 gTLDs registered in ICANN’s Root Zone. The majority of these are generic names, but there are also hundreds of internationalized domains and city TLDs. Generic TLDs are categorized by their purpose and can range from generic to restricted. Generic TLDs include well-known domains such as .com, .net and .org, while restricted domains are only available for certain types of businesses, such as .travel for travel companies. Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) are another type of gTLD that contain non-Latin characters. These gTLDs enable people to communicate online in their native language and local script.

The most well-known gTLD is .com, and this is a safe bet when registering a domain. There are numerous other gTLDs, such as .net, .org, and .info, which are also heavily regulated and large enough to make enough money that any unjustified price changes would be closely scrutinized. Those TLDs of .com, .net, .org, and .info don’t have premium domain renewal pricing. Although gTLDs are generally safe and reliable, there is one potential pitfall to be aware of. Some gTLDs, such as .biz, .name, .jobs and .travel may have premium domain renewal pricing tiers. Before registering a domain, always be sure to read the registry’s policies carefully to make sure you know about any renewal price increases that may take effect.

In conclusion, Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is a type of domain that includes popular extensions like .com,city TLDs, IDN, and new extensions like .google, .bank and .insurance. 

Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)  #

It is any domain that is specifically created for a country. Any domain that is available for general use is referred to as a country code top-level domain (ccTLD); for example,.fr is the ccTLD for France, and .uk is the ccTLD for the United Kingdom.The most investor-friendly ccTLDs are .de,, .io and .ai.

New Top Level Domain (nTLD)  #

The nTLDs are new top-level domains that have recently been added to the internet, such as .app,.blog, These domains are available for anyone to register and use for their business or personal website. These are domains that were recently added to the internet. Domains like .app,.blog, fall into this category. These domains are available for anyone to register and use for their business or personal website. It’s important to be aware of the nTLDs because they are becoming increasingly popular as more people realize the value of owning a domain that is more unique and relevant. There is a ton of nonsense around nTLDs, including premium listings, fee increases, and the demand for retroactive invoicing for updates. You may not even be able to afford to keep something like even if you wish to purchase it because you won’t know the renewal charge until you receive the item.

It can also be called “sponsored top-level domains” (sTLD).

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