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What is SedoMLS Premium and why should you use it

SedoMLS Premium is open to all Sedo users who register their buy-now-priced domain names with a participating registrar. Most major TLDs are supported by SedoMLS.

You can immediately begin listing your Buy Now domains in SedoMLS Premium directly from the Domain Management tool in your Sedo account. Try out the tool to see if your domains are eligible for SedoMLS Premium. This will help you figure out if your registrar is a partner or not. If your Buy Now domains do not fit the necessary criteria, your registrar may not be part of our SedoMLS Premium network.

In order to achieve the maximum promotion on Sedo’s platform, I will recommend that you list your .de domain names as Buy Now and activate SedoMLS Premium. With syndication through Sedo’s Premium partner network, instant purchases through partner websites, and referrals, SedoMLS Premium can bring more targeted leads and boost sales on your .de domains.

You will need to manually activate the domains through your Sedo account if you want your listings to be promoted by all of Sedo’s Premium Partners and be eligible for Instant Transfer.

You also can try the Afternic Fast Transfer,which is a similar service for domainers but performs best.

The TLD’s or extensions that are eligible for SedoMLS Premium #ДЕТИشبكة

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