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What is a Domainer

A domainer is an individual or company that buys, sells, and develops domain names. A domainer acquires a domain name in order to resell it at a higher price, lease-to-own it to another party, or park it for revenue. Domainers need to have a thorough understanding of the value of a domain name, as well as the market for buying and selling domain names. They often use techniques such as keyword research, traffic analysis, SEO, and web development to maximize the potential of a domain name. Domainers can acquire domain names in several ways, including by buying them outright from another user, registering them through a domain name registrar, or waiting for the expiration of a domain name and then snapping it up:

  • Most domainers focus on buying up quality domain names with the potential to generate revenue either through renting, leasing, or selling them to other users.
  • Domainers may be involved in “domain parking” whereby they purchase multiple domain names that they believe may be valuable in the future and park them until they can resell them at a profit.
  • Domainers may also be involved in the buying and selling of expired domain names, which are those that have been unregistered or allowed to lapse. Expired domains can be a great source of valuable traffic and SEO backlinks, and domainers use various tactics to find, acquire, and resell them.
  • Many domainers make money through domain auctions, in which domain names are bid on by buyers. Additionally, domainers may participate in drop catching, which is a practice of acquiring recently-expired domains. No matter what type of domainer you choose to be, it’s important to remember that success in this business is largely dependent on understanding the current market trends and staying abreast of any changes in technology.

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