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What is “Make Offer” and what happen when I place an offer

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For buyer #

“Make Offer” is an option available to those who are interested in buying a domain name. It allows the buyer to suggest a price, and if the seller agrees, they can close the deal and complete the transaction. This kind of negotiation happens a lot on the “aftermarket” for domain names, where sellers usually list their domains with tags like “make offers” or “negotiable.”

When a buyer makes an offer on a domain name, it is important to consider the market value of that domain name. Sellers typically won’t accept offers that are significantly lower than market value. Buyers should also be aware that even if the seller does not accept their offer, the offer may remain visible for other potential buyers to view.

It’s also important to remember that domain name negotiations require patience. Sellers will usually take some time to consider the offers before making a decision. While it is possible to make a deal quickly, it is often best to be patient and wait for a response from the seller before making additional offers.

When negotiating for a domain name, it’s important to keep in mind the market value of the name and be willing to be flexible on the price. Buyers should also be prepared to wait for a response from the seller and make sure to negotiate in good faith. With the right strategy, domain name investors can often find great deals in the “make offer” section of the aftermarket.

For Seller #

If the domain name is listed as “Make Offer”, the following options are available to the seller when ANY offer is made:

  • Accept the Offer

If the seller accepts your offer, an agreement will be reached and the transfer process will begin.

  • Place a Counter-Offer

If the seller places a counter-offer, you will receive an email notification. You will then be able to log into your Sedo account to respond by accepting or placing a new counter-offer.

Matching a previous offer or counter-offer does not lead to a sales agreement.  Either party will have to use the “accept” option, when available, to finalize the agreement.

  • Start an Auction

Some platforms, like Sedo, would let you have the option to start an auction. When a seller receives an offer on a domain, he or she is able to start an auction within five (5) days. If the seller chooses this option, your original offer will serve as the reserve price. Therefore, the seller accepts your bid unless a bid for a higher amount is made by the end of the auction. The auction end time is scheduled for seven (7) days following the placement of your original offer.

Please note that sellers are not required to respond to offers on their domains, but we strongly recommend that they do so to increase the chances of a sale. We recommend including a message with your offer to encourage the seller to reply.

Note 1: If a domain name is listed on the domain marketplace as “Buy Now”, an agreement is reached when you (the buyer) accept the amount that the domain name is listed for.

Note 2: The domain marketplace asks sellers to honor the price expectations they have listed, but a seller is not bound to the price listed for “Make Offer” domains, and they can still negotiate upwards for such domains. Sellers are sent several notifications regarding open offers, however, if no action is taken, the bid thread will expire.

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