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How to contact a domain owner: four methods

  1. Start by checking lookup.icann.org to see if the domain is listed there and if there is no privacy enabled on the domain. A whois search will provide information about the owner of the domain name, including their name, address, and email address. Once you have this information, you can send an email to the domain owner. (Due to free whois privacy protection, the success rate is low.)
  2. Check with the domain registrar’s database directly to see if they have accurate information on the domain owner. For example, Dynadot will forward the messages to the domain owner.
  3. Read the registrar’s privacy policy statement to determine whether sending an email to the domain owner will be successful or not. Not all registrars will forward your messages.
  4. If you’ve found out that you can send an email to the domain owner, make sure your message is clear and includes all the contact information you need.
  5. You can directly enter the domain name and see on the page whether the domain is for sale. If it is a parking page, you may find a “for sale” link at the top or bottom. Sometimes you can directly contact someone through a web page. Don’t forget that you can negotiate a discount with the seller when you use external escrow.
  6. Finally, although I don’t recommend it, you can also use GoDaddy or Sedo’s Domain Broker Service to purchase the domain. The fee for this service is $69.99, which covers the cost of a dedicated broker who will contact the current domain owner on your behalf and negotiate a sale price. If the seller agrees to sell the domain, you will pay the negotiated sale price plus a 20% commission to Godaddy or a 15% commission to Sedo.

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