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HandReg and DropReg: What Do They Mean for Domainers?

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Handreg #

A handreg is a domain name that is registered manually,short for “Hand Register”, without the use of computer programs or robots that automatically look for and register domain names, and that they only paid the registration price. Handregs are often sought after by domainers and webmasters due to the potential for increased value that these names can bring. Handregs can also be advantageous in terms of SEO, as they may already have some search volume associated with them.

The process of hand-registering a domain name involves researching and selecting an available domain name, and then registering it with a domain registrar. When a person has an idea for a domain name, they frequently link together two or three generic terms and check manually with a registrar to see whether the name is available. If so, it has been “hand registered.” Once the domain name is registered, the owner has full control over its use and management.

It is important to ensure that the name does not infringe on any trademarks or copyrights of other companies or organizations.

Dropreg #

A DropReg is a domain name that has recently expired and is now available for registration,which short for “dropped domain registration”. This allows other people to register the domain at a potentially lower cost than the original registration fee. A dropreg can be an excellent way to get a domain name quickly, without having to wait through an auction process or pay more than you would have originally registered the domain for. will have listings of dropped domains that are available for registration. It’s important to note that these available-domain listings are usually only available for a limited time, so if you find a domain name that you like, it’s best to act fast before someone else registers it. Additionally, some registrars may also offer special discounts on dropregs, so be sure to look out for any promotions or offers. For example, you can dropreg .com domains at just $8.28 in CrowdDomains

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